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Students: What to Do When Your Laptop Breaks

It is back to school season – and you are probably already tired. Chances are, your desktop or laptop is too. Even if you bought a fully stacked MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM, that space will get eaten quickly with PowerPoint presentations, Zoom meetings and all the Chrome tabs. And when storage space is plenty but that hard drive is slowing you down, maybe even some apps taking forever to load. So what do you do when you’ve spent a fortune on textbooks and getting that study laptop in the first place? What economically viable options do you have?

With COVID-19 pandemic forcing so many stores like Apple and other brands, it can be very frustrating to find a reliable laptop repair shop to do your repairs. However, several independent computer repair shops, such as SimplyFixIT, are still open and serving their communities as essential business. So when you are looking for “MacBook Pro repair near me”, your local computer or PC repair store will be available to provide you with a solution.

Keyboard Replacement

Keys tend to get dirty and fall out in an attempt to clean them – it happens. Often times a little determination and patience is needed for these repairs than tech skills. All new laptops purchased from the manufacturer come with a service manual detailing how to replace keys. Before running it down with a screwdriver in your hand and possibly losing small pieces, be sure to have the parts and guides you’ll need for the repair. You will also want to set up a workspace in which to operate on your device.

keyboard replacement

If half way through the repair, you decide that’s not for you! – Drop by SimplyFixIT’s store for friendly and quick help you can count on.

New Hard Drive

All of your precious documents, photos and information is stored onto the hard drive. What happens when yours malfunctions? You swing by your local laptop repair shop, that’s what. HDD drives tend to fail more than the new SSD drives because they have moving parts. Upgrading to an SSD, which has no moving parts will reduce the risk of drive failure and also speed up your computer by upto 10 times!

laptop repair

Screen Replacement

Many situations can lead to a broken laptop screen. You may need a screen repair or a complete screen replacement. At SimplyFixIT, we stock most of the common screen sizes and models for Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Asus and Apple MacBook and can get it repaired for you on the same day or the next if we need to place an order.

Liquid Damage Repair

When that cup of coffee spills on your laptop screen or keyboard, quick action is required. First, unplug the power cord and disconnect any other cords. Charging a wet laptop can further cause damage to the main motherboard. Lightly dab at the moisture on the laptop, making sure none has seeped into the vent holes. Finally, flip the laptop over and prop it up, screen facing down.

liquid repair damage

Whether you decide to give the repair a shot on your own or search for a local repair shop, consider stopping by SimplyFixIT. We’ve got the expertise and the knowledge to fix all your laptop issues. Repairs should not be a difficult process, which is why we are here to offer you quality customer service and affordable repairs.  

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