Water Damage Repair

Water damage phone

How does water kills phones?

You may be surprised to find out that it’s not just H2O that harms your phone. In fact if you dropped it into distilled water (pure H2O), it would be perfectly fine because pure H2O does not conduct electricity. The reason that it breaks when you drop your phone in the pool, toilet or whatever else it may happen to fall is because that water is full of free electrons from all the minerals in it. Chlorine and salt are good examples, they are excellent conductors of electricity. That’s why you dont’t take a bath with the radio in the tub. When you get electronic boards wet the electrons use the easiest path to ground, which is the water. And they all try to go at once, the board will shut down.

Water treatment

Corrosion is the enemy!

Even if you put your phone or tablet in a ba of rice for weeks, you will not get rid of the corrosion that formed on the board. Take a look at the example above and see what a difference water damage cleaning made to this logic board before and after.

What to do after water exposure?

  1. Turn the phone off!! Attempting to plug in or power on the phone could result in non-reversible damage.
  2. Pull your SIM card tray and put the phone in a dry place.
  3. Have a professional technician perform proper water damage cleaning.

At SimplyFixIT – We Fix and Unlock. When we receive a water damage device repair, we carefully dis-assemble your device and use water damage cleaning solution to clean all the parts. This cleaning procedure is imperative because it removes the harmful minerals from your circuit board and prevents any corrosion from developing. At this stage, your phone is already dis-assembled and our technician are able to test each part of your phone and determine what needs to be replaced (IF ANY).